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Following are the schemes which are already (Before Aatm Nirbhar Schemes) available to MSMEs through Govt of India: 

S. No. Name of Scheme Objective Benefits Applicable for Relevant Link
1 Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme (MSE – CDP) Technology support/Skill development

- Creation of Common Facility Centersincluding Plug & Play Facilities

-Thematic Interventions- Activities such as Training Programmes, Exposure Visits

Existing Entrepreneurs (in form of a SPV) Weblink
2 MSME Technology Centres (TCs) Technology support/  Skill development

- Design & Manufacture Dies, Moulds using Latest Technology, prototyping

- Skill Development: Tool Design, CNC Machine, Mechatronics, CAD/CAM, Footwear, Fragrance

-Consultancy: Tool Design, new product development

Existing Entrepreneurs / Aspiring Entrepreneurs Weblink
3 Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) Credit support

- Credit guarantee for loans upto Rs. 2 crore, without collateral and third party guarantee.

- Guarantee coverage ranges from 85% (Micro Enterprise up to Rs 5 lakh) to 75% (others).

- 50% coverage is for retail activity .

Existing Entrepreneurs &  Aspiring Entrepreneurs

List of Member Lending Institutions



Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Component (CLCS  & TU Scheme)

Technology support/ Credit Support

-Induction of established and improved technologies.

- 15% Subsidy on institutional credit upto Rs 1.00 crore  with a subsidy cap of Rs.15.00 lakh.

Existing Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Through Prime lending Institution / Nodal Banks.


5 Interest Subvention Scheme for MSMEs-2018 Credit support 2% interest subvention for incremental credit to MSMEs. Existing Entrepreneurs &  Aspiring Entrepreneurs MLI SIDBI
6 Promotion of MSMEs in NER and Sikkim- a sub component of Central Sector Scheme “ Technology and  Enterprise, Resource Center”. Technology support/Skill development

- Establishment & Up-gradation of Mini Technology Centers.

- Development of New & Existing Industrial Estates

- Capacity Building of Officers engaged in promotion of MSMEs in NER & Sikkim.

Existing Entrepreneurs / Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Proposals through the State Govts.


7 Procurement and Marketing Support (PMS) scheme Marketing Support

- Participation of Individual MSEs in domestic Trade Fair/ Exhibition

- Capacity building of MSMEs in Modern Packaging Technique / Development of Marketing Haats.

- Organizing Domestic Trade Fair& Exhibition/ Vendor Development Programs/ National & International Workshops & Seminars/ Awareness programs

Existing Entrepreneurs Link
8 ZED Certification Scheme Technology support

-Promote adaptation of Quality tools/systems and Energy Efficient manufacturing.

- Financial assistance will be provided to the MSMEs in obtaining a ZED certification. 

-Reimbursement of Certification fees/Consultancy charges on successful certification, subject to an upper ceiling as per the scheme guideline. This can be claimed only once each for National and International Standards.

- For MSMEs supplying for Defence, reimbursement shall be admissible additionally on Defence related certificates/Standards only once.

Existing Entrepreneurs Link
9 Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness for MSMEs Technology support Financial assistance is provided for implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, primarily the cost of lean manufacturing consultant (80% by GoI and 20% by beneficiaries).  Existing Entrepreneurs Link
10 Design Clinic for Design Expertise to MSMEs Technology Support

To facilitate MSMEs to develop new Design strategies and or design related products through design interventions and consultancy. Financial assistance to the MSMEs for engagement of design consultants for design intervention (GoI contribution @ 75% for micro, 60% for SMEs for the project range up to Rs. 40 lakh).

The Design Scheme shall support design work by reimbursing 75% of expenses incurred up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for final year student project done for MSMEs

Existing Entrepreneurs MSMEs can submit their proposal to Implementing Agency (IA) as per scheme guideline. Link
11 Digital MSME Technology Support  To make MSMEs digitally empowered and motivate them to adopt Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools and application in their production and business process.   Existing Entrepreneurs Link
12 Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators New Enterprise Creation

Funding support up to Rs. 15 lakhs for development of innovative ideas in to commercial products

Seed funding support up to Rs. 100 lakhs for setting up new units for commercialization of successful innovative ideas

Existing Entrepreneurs/Aspiring Entrepreneurs Link
13 Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Technology support

- Reimbursement of Patent/Trademark/GI:


  • Indian Patent upto  Rs.1.00 Lakh
  • Foreign Patent upto Rs. 5.00 Lakh

Trademark upto Rs. 0.10 Lakh

GI Registration Rs. 2.00 Lakh

- Assistance for setting up IP Facilitation Centre upto Rs. 1.00 cr. for period of 5 years

Existing Entrepreneurs

Link 1

Link 2

14 ESDP Scheme New Enterprise Creation and Skill development

- Motivation

- Entrepreneurship & Skill Training

- Management Training

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aspiring and Existing Entrepreneurs

Existing Entrepreneurs

To be apply through MSME-DI, MSME-TC websites. The scheme Link
15 Assistance to Training Institutions (ATI) Scheme Skill development

- Support for infrastructure and capacity building of training institutions of Ministry and existing State level EDIs.

- Support for skill development programmes by training institutions of the Ministry of MSME.

Only for training institutions of Ministry of MSME and State level EDIs. Based on proposals received from the training institutions of the Ministry of MSME and State level EDIs. Link
16 International Cooperation (IC) Scheme Marketing Support

Reimbursement for participation/visit in international exhibitions/fairs

Reimbursement for holding international conferences and seminars by industry associations/Govt. organizations.

Existing Entrepreneurs Link
Coir Vikas Yojana
17 Science & Technology Technology Support

- Modernization of production processes.

- Development of machinery & equipment’s.

- Technology Transfer, incubation and service facilities.

Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Link 1

Link 2

18 Coir Industry Technology Upgradation Scheme Credit support/New Enterprise creation

- To establish new state of the art coir processing units

- To provide modern infrastructure facilities to the production units.

-Upper ceiling of Financial assistance will be Rs.2.50 crores.

Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Link 1

Link 2

19 Skill Upgradation and Mahila Coir Yojana Skill Development/New enterprise creation

Training to personnel in the cadres of supervisors/Instructors/ artisans in coir industry.

-EDPS/Workshops/Seminars on development of coir industry.

- Financial Assistance under PMEGP

Existing and Aspiring entrepreneurs.

Link 1

Link 2

20 Export Market Promotion Export Marketing support.

Participation in international exhibitions & Buyer Seller Meets.

External Market Development Assistance.

Existing and Aspiring entrepreneurs.

Link 1

Link 2

21 Domestic Market Promotion Domestic Marketing Support

Market Development Assistance to Apex Bodies of coir co-operatives, PSUs in coir sector, etc.

Sales of coir products through showrooms of Coir Board.

Publicity for coir products.

Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Link 1

Link 2

22 Trade & Industry Related Functional Support Services Data and Information related support.

Dissemination of data on all aspects of coir industry.

Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Link 1

Link 2

23 Welfare Measures Welfare of workers in the industry

Enrollment of coir workers under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY).

Coir workers

Link 1

Link 2

KVIC schemes
24 Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) Encourage first Generation Entrepreneur through credit-linked subsidy support

 Bank financed subsidy program for setting up new micro-enterprises in non-farm sector.

Margin Money subsidy on Bank Loan ranges from 15% to 35% for projects up to Rs. 25 lakhs in manufacturing and Rs. 10 lakhs in service sector

For beneficiaries belonging to special categories such as SC/ST/Women/PH/Minorities/Ex-Servicemen/NER, the margin money subsidy is 35% in rural areas and 25% in urban areas. The maximum cost of projects is Rs.25.00 lakh in the manufacturing sector and Rs.10.00 lakh in the service sector.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs


25 2nd Loan for up-gradation of the existing PMEGP/MUDRA units Technology support and expansion of existing units through credit support

 To fulfill the need of additional financial assistance for upgradation and expansion of successful/well performing existing units

The maximum cost of the project under manufacturing sector for up-gradation is Rs.1.00 crore and Rs.25.00 lakh under Service/Trading sector.

Maximum subsidy would be 15% of the project cost (20% for NER and Hill States). The balance amount of the total project cost is provided by Banks as term loan.

Existing well performing PMEGP/MUDRA units



Infrastructure Support, Marketing Support and Skill Development

To reorient KIs activities extending adequate emphasis towards increasing artisans' earnings as well as ensuring quality of Khadi to customers

MMDA on Production aims at uniform distribution of sales throughout the year this would help Khadi Institutions to keep inventory levels down, thereby offering greater scope for mobilization of required working capital

All KIs and their artisans


27 ISEC Working capital support to Khadi Institutions

- Credit at the concessional rate of interest is made available as per the requirement of the Khadi Institutions to mobilize additional requirements of fund from the Financial Institutions / Banks.

- The KI is required to pay only 4% interest rate. The difference between the actual Interest charged by the Bank and 4% is borne by the KVIC as “Interest Subsidy”

All Khadi Institutions registered with the KVIC or State Khadi and Village Industries Boards (KVIBs) can avail of financing.


28 Work-Shed Scheme for Khadi Artisans To provide a better working environment

To provide better ambience by providing a better work place to artisans to enable them to carry out their spinning and weaving work efficiently.

To provide more storing and working space for housing slivers, raw material, implements etc.

To help in improving the efficiency and thereby the production, productivity of spinners, weavers and also to increase their earnings.

Khadi/polyvastra producing  Institutions and Khadi Artisans


29 Strengthening of Infrastructure of Existing Weak Khadi Institutions and Assistance for Marketing Infrastructure To revive weak Khadi Institutions

To assist the identified weak KIs, so as to enable them to regain their status and revive their potential for employment generation

To improve the marketing of Khadi products through development of marketing infrastructure, including renovation of selected sales outlets of KIs

To bring in a transformation in the Khadi sector and re-affirm its significance as a sustainable employment provider for rural artisans

Existing C and weak  Khadi and Polyvastra Producing Institutions


30 RojgarYukt Gaon For development of Khadi and creation of sustainable employment

To transform socio-economically distressed villages into sustainable and self-reliant Khadi based enterprises.

To give further motivation to Khadi Sector it is proposed to introduce RYG scheme with enterprise-led business model for strengthening Khadi Institutions.

New Entrepreneur or Corporate entity with partnership with KIs


31 Honey Mission Programme / Beekeeping Technology support, Skill Development and New Enterprise creation

 To uplift people leaving in rural areas by introducing and popularizing modern beekeeping techniques

To create sustainable employment and income opportunities to rural unemployed people

supplement the income of farmers, Adivasies


Unemployed Youth

Interested entrepreneurs


32 Mission Solar Charkha Infrastructure Support

50 solar clusters with the financial outlay of Rs. 550 crore during 2018-19 and 2019-20 will be set up. 

One cluster will have maximum 2,000 artisans. Each artisan will be given two 10 spindle charkha. Maximum Govt. of India subsidy provided to each cluster is Rs.9.60 Crores.

Promoter Agencies i.e. SPV, Section 8 Company, Producer Company


33 Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) Technology support, Skill Development, Marketing Support

Support to traditional artisans to provide sustainable employment

Government of India support up to Rs. 2.5 cr. up to 500 artisans and Rs. 5 cr. for more than 500 artisans

Set up physical infrastructure with CFCs, latest machines, training, etc. in clusters.

Existing artisans from traditional industries


34 A Scheme for Promotion of Innovation, Rural Industries and Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE)

Skill Development

Set up LBIs and TBIs to skill youths for own enterprises and incubation of innovative ideas

Maximum Rs. 1 cr.  to Government agencies and maximum Rs. 50 lakhs to private agencies for procuring plant and machinery

Maximum Rs. 1 cr.  given to new TBIs and maximum Rs. 30 lakhs to existing TBIs for procurement of plants and machinery.  

For LBIs:

Any agency/institution of Govt. of India/State Govt.

Any Private Institution under PPP mode with any agency of Govt. of India/State Govt.

For TBIs:

Existing Incubation Centers under Ministries/ Departments of Govt. of India

National/ Regional institutions of Govt. of India/ State Govt.

New TBIs can be set up by Industry Associations, Academic Institutions, R&D labs, Universities, Govt. entities and Technology Parks

Proposal to be filled up as per the prescribed format given Link

Steering Committee Email at js.ari@nic.in

35 Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization (MGIRI)

Technology Support

Skill Development

Science and technology Intervention & Innovations for Rural Industries

Networking and National/International Collaboration on R&D and Technology Transfer related to KVI Sector

Skill/Entrepreneurship Development Training for Enterprise development in KVI sector

Existing and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

E-mail: director.mgiri@gmail.com

Website: www.mgiri.org

36 National SC-ST Hub Marketing Support

To achieve 4% Public Procurement target from SC-ST entrepreneurs

Facilitating SC/ST Entrepreneurs to be part of vendor development programs and mentoring support

Collection, collation and dissemination of information regarding SC/ST enterprises and entrepreneurs

Distribution of trade specific tool kits to trained candidates

Existing and Aspiring SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.1 Special Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme Technology Support

To upgrade their plant & machinery with state-of-the-art technology

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.2 Special Marketing Assistance Scheme Marketing Support

For the enhancement of competitiveness and marketability of the products

Vendor Development Programmes

Organizing Workshops/Seminars/Awareness Campaigns

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.3 Single Point Registration Scheme Marketing Support

Issue of the Tender Sets free of cost

Exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.4 Bank Loan Processing Reimbursement Scheme Credit Support

Reimbursement on Bank loan processing charges paid by SC/ST MSEs in availing business loans.

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.5 Bank Guarantee Charges Reimbursement Scheme Credit Support

Reimbursement on Performance Bank guarantee charges paid by SC/ST MSEs for participation in tenders of Central/State Govt. and PSEs.

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.6 Testing Fee Reimbursement Scheme Technology support

Reimbursement on Testing fee, for availing testing services from NABL accredited laboratories & license or certification fee from BIS, in a financial year.

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.7 Export Promotion Council Membership Reimbursement Scheme Marketing Support

Reimbursement on membership fees charged by Export Promotion Councils (EPCs).

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs


36.8 Top 50 NIRF Rated Management Institution's Short-Term Training Program Fee Reimbursement Scheme Skill Development

Reimbursement of course fees for training programs from top 50 management institutes identified by Ministry of Human Resource Development under the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF).

Existing SC/ST Entrepreneurs or their ward over the age of 18 years



Source of Table: https://champions.gov.in/MyMsme/grievance/COM_Grievance_Welcome.aspx