TDS Return Filing

599 (Onwards, may vary as per no. of deductees)*

Service Fees Includes for

Compliance on Pro-Active Mode

Timely information request for timely compliance

Proper data check to avoid intimation from department

Follow-up with department for any return notice

Best & Quick future support

Fees given are on quarterly filing basis

This standard fees covered up to 10 deductees per month


  • 1
    Receipt of deductee wise data as per format

    Raw data request

  • 2
    Processing of data in software

    Return Preparation

  • 3
    Verification of data for any error

    Error Check

  • 4
    Generation of TDS return

    Return validation

  • 5
    Uploading of TDS return at NSDL

    Generation of acknowledgement

Documents required to register a TDS Return Filing

For Organization/Buisness/Entity/Compliance

TDS Deductee details with PANs, Amount, Date & Nature

TDS challan information

Details of original return if correction return is to be filed

Final Deliverables

TDS Return Acknowledgement

TDS return data chart for quarter

Explore Frequently Asked Questions - TDS Return Filing

Q. What is TDS Return?

Ans. TDS return is a quarterly statement of PAN wise details of TDS deducted and to be submitted to the income tax department. It is compulsory for deductors to submit a TDS return on time if they have deducted TDS.

Q. Whether TAN is mandatory to file a TDS return?

Ans. Yes, a deductor must apply tax deduction account number (TAN) to submit TDS.

Q. What are some main payments are mentioned under income tax to deduct TDS?

Ans. Payment of salary, income on securities, professional & technical fees, insurance commission, rent, contractual payments etc.

Q. Whether a TDS return can be revised?

Ans. Yes, TDS return can be revised for any correction or addition/deletion of details, return can be corrected online or in manual mode.

Q. Whether is there any penalty for delay in filing TDS return?

Ans. Yes, penalty of Rs 200 per day shall be paid by the deductor from the due date until the time of default in days.

Q. What is the rate of TDS and threshold limit of amount paid for professional or technical expenses?

Ans. Rate of TDS is 10% and Per deductee threshold limit is Rs 30,000, applicable for one time in a year.

Q. What is the rate of TDS and threshold limit of amount paid for contractual expenses?

Ans. Rate of TDS is 1% (Individual/HUF) & 2% others and Per deductee threshold limit is Rs 30,000 (single transaction) and Rs. 1,00,000 for financial year.

Q. What is the various type of TDS returns?

Ans. TDS forms are 24Q for TDS on Salary, 26Q for Non-Salary Exp TDS, 27Q for Non-Resident TDS, 27EQ for TCS return.

Q. What is the default due date of TDS payment and return?

Ans. Due date of payment of TDS is monthly 7th of succeeding month and Due date of TDS returns is quarterly 31st of next month of relevant quarter.

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