TDS Return Correction

599 (Onwards, may vary as per corrections)*

Service Fees Includes for

Compliance on Pro-Active Mode

Timely information request for timely compliance

Proper data check to avoid TDS intimation from department

Follow-up with department for any return notice

Best & Quick future support


  • 1
    Receipt of related changes in TDS return for deductee or challan or amounts

    Correction Analysis

  • 2
    Processing of data in software/traces

    Return preparation

  • 3
    Verification of data for any error

    Error Check

  • 4
    Generation of revised TDS return

    Validation of return

  • 5
    Uploading/Submit of TDS return

    Final Submit for acknowledgement

Documents required to register a TDS Return Correction

For Organization/Buisness/Entity/Compliance

Return correction details with PAN, Amounts or Challan

TDS challan information (if any)

Details of original return acknowledgement

Final Deliverables

TDS Return Acknowledgement

TDS return correction data chart for quarter

Explore Frequently Asked Questions - TDS Return Correction

Q. Whether deductees entry can be corrected in TDS Return?

Ans. Yes; originally submitted deductees can be deleted, added or can be modified.

Q. Whether original TDS return data is mandatory to provide while correcting TDS return?

Ans. No, Original TDS return data is not mandatory to provide.

Q. Whether correction can be made in challans?

Ans. Yes; TDS challan can be added, deleted.

Q. How much time is required to correct a TDS return?

Ans. Time is depending on the type of correction and data of changes to be made. Generally, It will take around 1-3 days to final process.

Q. Whether is there any time limit to correct TDS return?

Ans. No, currently there is no time limit to correct a TDS return, it can be corrected any time after filing the original return.

Q. What is the NSDL uploading fees of TDS return?

Ans. Uploading fees is same as original return, start from Rs. 50.

Q. Whether salary details can be corrected in TDS Return?

Ans. Yes; salary details can be deleted, added or can be modified for form 24Q.

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