Partnership Firm Registration

2999 (For General Partnership Firm)*

Service Fees Includes for

Addition in Fees as per actual stamp duty in case capital is above INR 50,000/- (Read Share Capital Stamp Duty Rates)

Professional Consultation

Quick and on time processing

Information check by Qualified professional

Include registration with 2 Partners & Capital up to Rs 50,000

Option to choose registration with Registrar of Firms or Unregistered

Best & Quick future support

Best compliance fees in our ‘All in one’ package

Includes Partnership Deed, PAN & TAN, Free Udyam Reg.


  • 1
    Preparation of partnership deed by our professional

    Preparation of partnership deed by our professional

  • 2
    Signing & Stamping of Final deed

    Signing & Stamping of Final deed

  • 3
    Registration of firm with state registrar (if chosen)

    As per proposal for a registered firm, preparation of application to registerar of firm.

  • 4
    Filing of application to register in Form 1

    Filing of application to register in Form 1

  • 5
    Application for PAN & TAN

    Application for PAN & TAN

Documents required to register a Partnership Firm Registration

For Owner/Individual/Director/Partner



Aadhar/Passport/Votor ID

For Organization/Buisness/Entity/Compliance

Proof of principal place of business- Rent Agreement/Utility Bill/NOC/Sale Deed

Final Deliverables

Partnership Deed

PAN & TAN of firm

Firm Registration Certificate (If register with registrar)

Bank Account Assistance

Free MSME Registration

Explore Frequently Asked Questions - Partnership Firm Registration

Q. What is a Partnership?

Ans. Partnership is a group of people who decided to do business together for the main motive of profit. Partnership firm is formed and managed by these people is an agreed manner. Said structure is governed by Indian Partnership Act 1932. Minimum partner in a partnership can be 2 and maximum up to 20.

Q. What is the main advantage of a Partnership?

Ans. Can be easily formed with minimum 2 partners on board and have minimal compliances as comparison to LLP.

Q. What is the suitability of this business structure?

Ans. Partnership is considered an unorganised form of a business. This structure is suitable for a small or medium size of business, in which 2 or more person want to work together. You can choose 'LLP' as a oganised form of business.

Q. What is the income tax rates for a Partnership under Income Tax Act?

Ans. Final profit of Partnership firm will get taxable @ 30% (cess & surcharge extra). Partners of the firm can withdraw remuneration from firm and profit of firm is exempt in the hand of partners.

Q. What is the legality of a partnership?

Ans. Registration of a partnership is not compulsory in nature. A firm can be registered under Indian Partnership Act 1932 if registered then legal provision of the said act will get apply in case of any dispute arise in future. A registered firm is always better than a unregistered one.

Q. What is the minimum capital required to register a partnership?

Ans. Not required but a starting investing amount of capital INR 10,000 can be suggested. Stamp duty to state govt will be paid according to the capital, for example If firm is getting registered in Delhi then stamp duty is 1% of capital with maximum ceiling of Rs. 5,000.

Q. What is the minimum time required to register a partnership firm?

Ans.  Around 7 to 15 working Days, all depend on type of firm whether it is getting registered or unregisterd.

Q. Can I choose my residential Address as office address for registration of partnership firm?

Ans. Yes, you can choose but proof of address should be available.

Q. What is minimum annual compliance for a firm?

Ans. Income tax return to be filed with income tax department annually and Monthly GST return is to be filed if firm is registered in GST.

Q. Is firm required any type of compulsory audit?

Ans. If sales/turnover of the firm is crossed the certain limit (around 1 Cr.) given in Income tax act then tax audit will have to be done as per income tax act.

Q. What is the main legal document to form a partnership?

Ans. Partnership deed is to be prepared by a professional to form a partnership.

Q. Under which authority a partnership is to be registered?

Ans. Partnership firm have an option to get register from Registrar of Firm under Indian Partnership Act 1932. A registered firm get a Registration Certificate from registrar of firms (ROF).

Q. What is the difference between a Registered v/s Unregistered partnership firm?

Ans. Registered partnership have only right to file a suit/case in a court against any dispute arising between firm/partners/third parties. Provision of Partnership Act will apply to a registered firm. We always advise to go for a registered partnership form or to get register a LLP instead.

Q. What is advise by filingdigits to choose between a registered partnership and LLP?

Ans. We will advise to go for registration of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) because of Law incorporation cost, limited liability of partners, legally recognized, registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, widely recognized by public and lower formation time.

Q. What is the main points of a partnership deed document?

Ans. Partnership deed will have points like Name of firm, Address of firm, business activity of firm, form's partner, partner's capital, profit sharing ratio, remuneration share, interest on capital etc. other as per partnership act.

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