LLP Registration

4999 (All Inclusive, may vary as per State)*

Service Fees Includes for

Includes DIN | DSC (2 Residents) | LLP Deed | PAN | TAN | Free Udyam Reg.

1 time ‘Reserve Unique Name’- RUN form (can apply 2 Names- 2 Times)

LLP Capital contribution up to Rs. 50,000/-

Addition of Rs. 1,000 for every increase in partner

Free Professional Consultation

Quick and Fully Online process

Information check by Qualified professional

Best & Quick future support

Affordable compliances fee


  • 1
    Filing of RUN for reserving name of LLP

    RUN stand for Reserve Unique Name, used to file online to reserve a LLP name for 20 days.

  • 2
    Digital Signature Application and Download

    DSC stand for Digital Signatures, a kind of USB tokens.These are used to sign LLP formation application digitally and required for each unique director and shareholder separately.

  • 3
    Preparation & Signing of Legal Documents

    These documents include some affidavits and legal format as prescribed in LLP Act 2008.

  • 4
    Submission of LLP Application through ‘FILLIP’ Form with MCA

    FILLIP stands for form for incorporation of LLP. Single form application to register LLP.

  • 5
    Issuance of Certificate of Incorporation

    Certificate of incorporation is a certificate of proof that LLP has been registered. This contain a LLPIN as issued by government

  • 6
    Filing of Form 3 - LLP Agreement

    LLP agreement is made between all partners of LLP; agreement contains all terms and condition of LLP business.

  • 7
    Application for PAN & TAN

    Application for PAN & TAN

  • 8
    Application for GST

    Application for GST

Documents required to register a LLP Registration

For Owner/Individual/Director/Partner



ID Proof- Voter ID or Passport or Driving License


Address Proof- Bank Statement or Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill or Gas Bill or Water Bill (Should not be older than 2 months)

For Organization/Buisness/Entity/Compliance

Lease Agreement (If rented) or

NOC from owner (If not rented) and

Any Utility Bill like Electricity, Telephone, Gas or Water

Final Deliverables

DIN & DSC of two partners


Drafting of LLP Agreement

LLP Registration Certificate

Bank Account Assistance

GST Registration (Offer Free)

Explore Frequently Asked Questions - LLP Registration

Q. What is an LLP means?

Ans. LLP stands for ‘Limited Liability Partnership’, which work just like a partnership firm but must follow Limited Liability Partnership Act,2008. In a short, LLP is the higher & better registered business structure than a partnership firm.

Q. What is the main advantage of an LLP?

Ans. Partners of the LLP enjoy a limited liability up to their capital contribution in LLP’s debt and one partner is not liable for misconduct done by another partner, also LLP enjoy law incorporation cost, limited liability of partners, legally recognized, registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, widely recognized by public, low compliances and lower formation time etc.

Q. What is the suitability of this business structure as LLP?

Ans. This form is suitable for a small or medium size of business, in which 2 or more person want to work together. An LLP is better than a normal partnership firm but lessor known as comparable to private limited company.

Q. How an LLP is recognised under Income Tax Act and What is the rate of tax on profit?

Ans. LLP is get treated as a partnership firm in Income Tax Act, 1961. Final profit of LLP will get taxable @ 30%. Partners of the LLP can withdraw remuneration (salary) from LLP which will be taxable in the hand of partners and profit of the LLP in the hand of partners are exempt.

Q. What is the minimum number of persons required to register an LLP?

Ans. Minimum of 2 or More persons as a partner, being a resident Indian & citizenover the age of 18, is required to register a LLP in India.

Q. What is the minimum capital required to register an LLP?

Ans. Not Specified but a starting capital amount of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 can be suggested to start a business.

Q. What is the minimum time required to register an LLP?

Ans. Around 7 to 15 working days subject to govt approvals.

Q. What is minimum annual compliance for an LLP?

Ans. LLP have to file only 2 annual forms namely Form 11 (annual return) & Form 8 (solvency statement) to be filed with registrar of companies. Income tax return to be filed with income tax department annually. Forms are compulsory to file with ROC whether you have any business or not.

Q. Is LLP required any audit under LLP Act?

Ans. If sales/turnover of the LLP is more than Rs 40 Lacs in a year then Audit is compulsory under LLP Act, 2008 and If turnover cross the limit of 1 Cr then tax aduit under Income Tax Act will also get applicable.

Q. How can Filing Digits (FD) can help in to running my business?

Ans. Having the team of experience professionals, filing digits can help in every step from starting a business to running or managing a business. Our affordable business registration and business compliances plans will make you focus on your core business activities.

Q. What will be expected minimum compliance cost to be paid annually if my LLP has low or NIL business?

Ans. Expected compliance fees will be around Rs. 2,999 per annum, which includes filing of Form 11, Form 8 with ROC and ITR with Income tax authority.

Q. What is advisable by filingdigits to choose between a registered partnership and LLP?

Ans. We will advise to go for registration of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) because of Law incorporation cost, limited liability of partners, legally recognized, registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, widely recognized by public and lower formation time.

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